Average Speed Cameras Update


Information on Average Speed Cameras from Thames Valley Police 

Average Speed Cameras measure how long it takes you to travel between two set points on a road, measured by cameras at each point. This information is then used to calculate your average speed and only data and images of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit are stored by the system.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) does not support third party funding for average speed systems. The installation of an average speed system should be fair and balanced across the Thames Valley area and not just at locations where third-party funding is available. The cost of an Average Speed system depends on site environment and type of equipment, for a system with one entry/exit camera this can be around £100k.

Mobile van enforcement already takes place in the area and other options such as, education through the Community Speedwatch initiative, the use of SID (Speed Indication Devices) and roadside enforcement by local Neighbourhood Officers should also be considered as potential solutions.

Effective engineering measures must also be considered such as the road layout including road humps, chicanes and tyre rumble devices, these can be implemented by Local Authorities in situations where general speed compliance is evidenced as an issue.