Community Resilience Plan - Redacted

The Parish Council has adopted a Community Resilience Plan. Adopted 18th June 2024 As the document contains personal information numbers have been redacted. In an emergency please contact the Parish Clerk 07521 161645 or one of the Councillors who's phone numbers are listed within the document.

Data Protection Certificate

Financial Regulations

Adopted at the Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 18th June 2024

Playing Field Hire - Rules and Regulations

Adopted February 2024

Risk Assessment

Adopted May 2024

Standing Orders

Adopted May 2024

Scheme of Delegation

Adopted May 2024

Privacy Impact Assessment - Longwick Playing Field CCTV System

Adopted May 2024

Code of Conduct

Readopted at the 15th May 2023 Annual Meeting of the Council

Public Participation at Meetings

Bouncy Castle on Parish Council Owned Land

Adopted 19th July 22

Publication Scheme

Memorial Bench Policy

Accessibility Statement

Equality and Diversity Policy

Complaints Policy

Data Protection Policy