Neighbourhood Watch Alert - Spot the difference and an Odd call - beware


Alert Message 18/6/2023

An odd call - beware

I received a call from an unknown number and on answering a man voice stated he was from Customer Services, but before I could ask what company he was from he said " Can you hear me"

I replied " Yes I can hear you"., to which he replied " so you can hear me".

I replied "I can hear you".

He then said "I just need a yes or no"

So I replied " I can hear you" The caller hangs up.

Luckily I did not answer to his first reply "Yes", because the caller then using the recording of your "Yes" is a way to sign you up to all kinds information you do not want or asked for.

Obviously those who have a telephone preference service in place this caller would not get through but I receive a number of unknown numbers from genuine organisations and people.

Be careful.


Area NW Coordinator