BCS81/1 to the NW end of North Mill Road


Buckinghamshire Council have recommended that a public footpath be added to the definitive map, linking the SE end of footpath BCS81/1 to the NW end of North Mill Road, thereby reinstating the route to and from Ilmer/Bledlow. 

Both Bledlow cum Saunderton Parish Council and Longwick cum Ilmer Parish Council support Buckinghamshire Council’s DMMO recommendation, and as there has been an objection, the matter will go to a public inquiry. 

If you have every used the footpath BCS81/1 linking to the end of North Mill Road, and are prepared to make a simple user statement in support of the reinstatement of the path, please contact either Mike Britnell (mike.britnell@btinternet.com) or Gerald Burry (gerry_burr@hotmail.com).